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  1. Catalyn H says

    I wish we had more photos of the moment because I put my hand on top of their hands. Annabelle started moving during the prayer and it was the first time my mother-in-law felt her!

  2. Catalyn H says

    Omg this is such a great theme for a baby shower! i love all the story book food! its too cute! i love that they took time to pray for you and your precious baby! im glad you had a awsome day!

  3. Catalyn H says

    I’ve been trying to think of the best children’s books to give to my niece and nephew as a present (their mom wants them to start learning English). I’d forgotten a few of these that you showed pictures of and I’m adding them to my list.

  4. Catalyn H says

    I love your books for Annabelle, I think that is the greatest shower gift ever. I am totally going to borrow this idea when I have children. I also love the belly bow and the book theme, too cute!!
    Love Gi

  5. Catalyn H says

    Love this!!!! Your mother in law is so creative. I love the dress and the monogramed scarf. Such an adorable idea. I just bought a few outfits for my shower in a few weeks.

  6. Confessions of a Northern Belle says

    I read this the other day, and I’m revisiting it. I had a book-themed shower too (where folks gave books instead of cards), and yours is sooo cute. I love all the themed foods. Your MIL did an amazing job. Also you look amazing. Your hair is gorgeous. 🙂

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