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  1. Nikki Stevens says

    Congratulations! It goes by faster than you’d think. Isn’t it weird how all the baby books compare their growing to fruit sizes? Best wishes on 20 more safe weeks, a healthy delivery, and swift transition to baby’s size in relation to vegetables! I want to say third trimester is more like… Butternut squash, maybe?

  2. SandSparkles says

    Congrats! I am a teacher too, and for my shower, my friends each brought a book for my son for his future reading “library”. It is so fun to even pull out now (and he is 5) and read what people wrote to him.
    On another note, I only gained 11 pounds through my entire pregnancy. I am not sure if people have told you to “eat more”, but your baby will be fine. I am also small boned, and my son is super-healthy! You look really cute!!

  3. Gi says

    I love reading about your weekly updates! I have babies on the brain right now and desperately want a child but cannot just yet (medical reasons GRRR) so I love reading all about your pregnancy! I loved your gender reveal cake, super duper cute!
    Good luck with your scan.
    Love Gixx

  4. jess says

    Just found your blog (through Northern Belle Diaries) and am really enjoying it – congratulations, although I think you have the tiniest bump ever! 😛 I’m from Upstate NY and am so jealous you’ve made it to the South aka, land of nice winters!

    La Quaintrelle

    p.s. you are so pretty!

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