5 things I wish i had done sooner in life 

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Quit counting the years I am alive.


They say ‘age is nothing but a number;’ and certain numbers are more significant than others in our society. At 5 you can go to Kindergarten, at 13 you’re a teenager, at 16 you can drive, 18 you can vote, and 21 you can drink alcohol. The pressure to fulfill the expectations held at each age may not seem like much and is relatively exciting to the majority.

Exercise for my mind, body, and soul.


I used to exercise to achieve something – weight loss, muscle tone, a spring break body. Now I workout for my mind, body, and soul. It took me years to realize being physically active is so much more than being physical.

Let go of the painful past.


We all have painful moments in our past. A broken friendship, a missed opportunity, an intense argument – whatever it is, for some reason I’ve always held on to the pain. All of the little bits of negativity associated with a difficult event eventually add up and blend together in my mind. It creates insecurities and anxious thoughts – and is completely pointless.

Take responsibility and forgive.


It’s a hard pill to swallow – admitting you are wrong – but sometimes you just need a bigger glass of water to get it down. I used to be so quick to blame someone else in a situation. But I have recently learned it’s not always their fault. Sometimes it’s mine

Stop trying to please everyone.


One of the most valuable things I have learned from my husband: it is OK if someone doesn’t like you. We aren’t meant to please every person we encounter. However, I have always had an uncontrollable desire to make others happy. I have wasted countless minutes fighting for attention, seeking approval, or even attempting to make a person smile.

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